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Nepenthe Homeowners Association

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Described by Homer in the Odyssey as an Egyptian herbal drink so powerful that it eases grief and banishes sorrow from the mind.


Nestled among the red rocks of Sedona, our community is known for its serene lifestyle. We're a group of proud homeowners. We have a board of directors who help to maintain a high standard of living for our residents. Thanks to Nepenthe Homeowners Association, our residents enjoy amenities, maintenance services, and quality living.


Nepenthe is located just off Shelby Drive in West Sedona close to everything you need for a carefree retirement or second home.


Our "Patio Homes" are more closely related to townhomes rather than condominiums. There is never anyone above you or below you. Constructed with adjoining walls, not common walls. This creates a very sound resistant barrier between the homes. All the residences have attached garages. Unlike condominiums, you own the land, you are not buying air space. 

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